J-Wall™ 40 Amp - The premium 40 amp, wall-mounted J1772 charge station

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J-Wall™ - The Premium J1772 - 40 amp Wall Mounted Electric Vehicle Charge Station for L2 or Level 2 charging of your Electric Vehicle (EV). J-Wall-40 provides the absolute best way to charge ANY vehicle at home with J1772.
J-Wall™ - comes with a cable and plug that measures 25 foot long  

J-Wall™ 40 Amp - is based on the 80 amp capable Tesla HPWC Wall Connector GEN2. All the dependability of an 80 amp un
it, but de-rated to 40 amps for long life.
See the J-Wall™ 80 Amp version here

POWER SHARING: J-Wall-40 is compatible with up to 3 other J-Wall 40 amp versions, or up to 3 Tesla HPWC "Second Generation" GEN2 Wall Connectors as a slave or master (see restrictions below). The power sharing feature allows a single electrical circuit breaker to be connected and shared, servicing up to 4 units at the same time. That's right... up to 4 charge stations on one electrical circuit!

The new J-Wall is a hardwired wall mount charging station designed for 208-240 volt power supplies with up to a 50 amp circuit breaker. DO NOT USE WITH A 277 VOLT CIRCUIT. It can be configured to allow settings from 12 amps to 40 amps:

Programmable amps:

12 amps - use with a 15 amp 208-240 volt electrical circuit
16 amps - use with a 20 amp 208-240 volt electrical circuit
24 amps - use with a 30 amp 208-240 volt electrical circuit
32 amps - use with a 40 amp 208-240 volt electrical circuit
40 amps - use with a 50 amp 208-240 volt electrical circuit

View J-Wall 40 Amp Restrictions, as well as a full car compatibility list here