Jesla Jr™ - The 32 amp J1772 Portable Charging Solution!

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JESLA JR™ is a J1772 charging unit and cable (about 16 feet in length) that charges up to 500% faster the original charging cable that came with your Electric Vehicle (EV).

JESLA JR™ is safe to use on all voltages, 100 to 264 volts.

JESLA JR™ is shipped with:

  • Two FREE adapters: Adapter P and Adapter W (see below)
  • Carrying case
  • Padlock for securing the product to your car while charging

We also carry multiple other adapter options that are compatible with Jesla Jr™ or a Tesla™ UMC Gen II

Adapter P (Included)- RV Parks w/"50 amp service" - (NEMA 14-50) 32 amps @ 240 volts - adds 20-30 miles per hour charging***

Adapter Q -  Industrial and welders -------- (NEMA 6-50) 32 amps @ 240 volts - adds 20-30 miles per hour charging

Adapter R - New clothes dryers ------------ (NEMA 14-30) 24 amps @ 240 volts - adds 14-22 miles per hour charging

Adapter S -  Old clothes dryers ------------ (NEMA 10-30) 24 amps @ 240 volts - adds 14-22 miles per hour charging

Adapter T -  Air conditioners -------------- (NEMA 6-20) 16 amps @ 240 volts - adds 10-14 miles per hour charging

Adapter U -  Air conditioners -------------- (NEMA 6-15) 12 amps @ 240 volts - adds 6-10 miles per hour charging

Adapter V -  Air conditioners -------------- (NEMA 5-20) 16 amps @ 120 volts - adds 5-7 miles per hour charging

Adapter W  (Included) - Common household --------- (NEMA 5-15) 12 amps @ 120 volts - adds 3-5 miles per hour charging***


These plugs automatically adjust the power (amps) of JESLA JR from 12 amps up to 32 amps, allowing the capability to charge your EV at up to 7.7kW. This enables you to take advantage of available electric circuits without worry of overloading the circuit.

Finally, just for good measure, we include a handy padlock that will keep you charging in public places & protect your investment.

The JESLA JR™ works with MOST EV's sold in North America.*



    NOTE: Effective June 2018, due to an update in manufacturing of the Tesla® UMC units, our JESLA JR will not work with the BMW i3 or a Jeep 4xe. Please call or write about our other options, including the original JESLA.

    JESLA JR™ works with most Electric Vehicles (EV) sold in North America and Japan.

    See a full list of compatible cars here


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Daniel ONeil
    Works Great No Issues

    Looks like a brand new Tesla mobile charger with a J1772 charger head :)

    James Mersereau
    My Opinion

    Have not used the unit yet, but did use this to replace the Level 1 charger that came with my car as a backup, travel charger. So far so good. Gives me more confidence that I will be able to charge wherever, whenever. Thanks!

    Jason Rapp
    Jesla Jr for Bolt EV

    "I bought a Jesla Jr, because it works wherever I need it to, with adapters, and I only have to buy one. It's definitely the most versatile option, you can get adapters for any plug you might run�into, and always get the most juice out of the wall wherever you go. I've used it at several campgrounds, and wired up my garage with a 240V 14-50 circuit, and it charges me up every night like a charm. An excellent product!"

    Jason Rapp
    Jesla Jr for Bolt EV

    Works perfectly, as advertised! I've been using this for my Bolt EV as my daily charger since I got the Bolt earlier this year. Wired up my garage with a 14-50 socket, and leave it plugged in to reduce the plug/unplug cycles. My favourite part is the ability to change out the adapter for flexibility in plugs wherever I go. I've taken it to a couple campgrounds now, plugging into the 14-50 in the campgrounds, or the 5-15 or 5-20 as available. Wish there was a TT-30 adapter, but the Bolt seems limited to 12 amps on 120V, so wouldn't help much. If only QCP would make a Tesla Supercharger to CCS adapter!"