My240™ Adapter (NEMA L6-20P to NEMA 5-15R)

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My240™ allows your original Fiat or 2016 or newer GM / Clipper Creek Level 1 portable charge cable to be used as a “Level 2” or “L2” charger at virtually all 240 volt outlets in your home or business, or even out on the road at hotels, RV parks, Grandma’s house, etc. Your charging speed will double from 3-4 miles per hour to 6-8 miles per hour.

My240™ has a NEMA 5-15R on one end (the common household 120 volt wall receptacle that you’re used to plugging anything into), and a NEMA L6-20P locking plug on the other end that permits 240 volt “Level 2” or “L2” charging with your Fiat or 2016 and newer GM / Clipper Creek portable charge cable. We recommend that you have an electrician install a simple 240 volt / 20 amp or greater circuit at the normal charging location at your home or office, and you’ll be charging at DOUBLE SPEED!

Here are additional adapters that are available to use in conjunction with My240™:

1) Adapter "A" for RV parks, new clothes dryers, stoves and ovens (NEMA 14-60, 14-50, 14-30, 14-20)

2) Adapter "B" for welders and industrial (NEMA 6-50)

3) Adapter "C" for older electric clothes dryers (NEMA 10-30) 

4) Adapter "D" for RV parks with "30 amp" service" (TT-30)

5) Adapter "E" for 30 amp light industrial (NEMA 6-30)

6) Adapter "F" for 30 amp locking plug (NEMA L6-30)

7) Adapter "G" for 30 amp Generators with Pure Sine Wave (NEMA L14-30)

8) Adapter "H" for 20 amp Generators with Pure Sine Wave (NEMA L14-20)

9) Adapter "J" for Air Conditioners 240 volt / 20 amp (NEMA 6-20)

10) Adapter "K" for Air Conditioners 240 volt / 15 amp (NEMA 6-15)

11) Adapter "L" for commercial 120 volt / 20 amp (NEMA 5-20)



This adapter is designed for and only appropriate to use with My240™ Adapter, and the original charger cable that came with the following vehicles:

1) Chrysler Pacifica Plug-In HYBRID (all years for North American delivered cars)

2) Fiat 500e (all years for North American delivered cars)

3) GM Chevrolet Volt (2016-2019 ONLY, for North American delivered cars)

4) GM Chevrolet Bolt EV (all years for North American delivered cars)

5) Tesla (all years for North American delivered cars, except 2008-2011 Tesla Roadster)


***All of the above EV charge cables REQUIRE:

Adapter - NEMA L6-20P to NEMA 5-15R

For Tesla cars, ordinarily you would just use the optional NEMA 6-15 adapter plug from Tesla to allow your portable charge cable to plug into the "My240", however, those can be very hard to find. This above adapter solves that issue. This adapter permits the NEMA 5-15 plug that comes with every Tesla portable charge cable (Mobile Connector / UMC) to use a NEMA 6-15 power source, like the My240.

WARNING: Permanent damage to your charge cable, as well as possible fire, injury, or DEATH could result from misuse. USE THIS PRODUCT ONLY WITH THE 208-240 VOLT PRODUCTS LISTED ABOVE. DO NOT EXCEED 12 AMPS.


The typical EV charge rate goes from:

---> 3 miles (5 km) added per hour charging (at 120 volts / 12 amps)

---> up to 6 miles (10 km) added per hour charging (at 240 volts / 12 amps)

We recommend My240™ use at no greater than 12 amps, the maximum recommended by the National Electric Code (NEC)for continuous duty on a 15 amp circuit.

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