JLong™ J1772 Extension Cable - 40 Amp Maximum

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JLong™ is the ultimate 40 amp compatible extension cable that maintains or exceeds all functionality, durability, and safety protocols of the J1772 / L1 / Level 1 / L2 / Level 2 charging systems used by virtually every other modern Electric Vehicle (EV) sold in North America, Japan, and Europe (called Type 1 in Europe).

JLong™ is hand built and tested in San Diego, CA by our technician staff, who are passionate about electric vehicles.

JLong™ gets you charged when the inevitable happens: you encounter a blocked EV charging station; you need a little more cable to reach the wall electical outlet, or a guest blocked your home, work or hotel charge station. Get the JLong™ and Just-Plug-N-Charge™ !

 If you are looking for a JLong with an optional Tesla Plug inlet here it is


Wondering if your car will work with JLong™?

See a full compatibility list here 

Still not convinced? Heres why we're sure JLong™ is the best extension cable option on the market.

But don't just take our word for it, here are some of the industry articles written about JLong™:

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Pleased with rapid response to on-line order. JLong™ J1772 Extension Cable - 40 Amp Maximum 20 Feet appears to be a high quality product