JLong™ J1772 Extension Cable - 80 Amp Maximum

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JLONG™ 80 AMP is the premium, heavy duty J1772 extension cable. There is absolutley no charger on the market as durable or capable. Perfect for Tesla cars to operate at 40, 48, 70, 72 and 80 amps. Maximum power is 80 amps @ 300 volts = 24kW Available in 25 feet and 50 feet lengths.

JLONG™ - maintains or exceeds all functional and safety protocols of the J1772 / L1 / L2 / TESLA charging system used by virtually every other modern Electric Vehicle (EV) sold in North America, Japan, and Europe (Type 1 plug).

JLONG™ is the perfect companion for the Jesla™ premium 40 amp portable charging cable. JLONG™ gets you charged when the inevitable happens: you encounter a blocked EV charging station; you need a little more cable to reach the wall electical outlet, or a guest blocked your home charger.

Get the JLong™ and Just Plug-N-Charge™ !

 If you are looking for a JLong with an optional Tesla Plug inlet here it is



See a full list of compatible cars here 


  Still not convinced? Heres why we're sure JLong™ is the best extension cable option on the market.


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