Go-Cable Level 2 Tri-Voltage 120V-208V-240V J1772 Charger

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Go-Cable™ is a Tri-Voltage (120-208-240) super light weight, low cost, portable, charge cable for ALL Electric Vehicles (EV) sold worldwide. You can charge your car at more than twice as fast as the stock cable that typically comes with your Electric Vehicle.

  • Go-Cable™ has 25 feet (7.5 meters) of cable, and comes with a NEMA L6-20 locking plug. If you don't have this receptacle / outlet at your location, we have a selection of adaptors listed below.

Go-Cable™ works with all common voltages, and requires a 20 amp minimum electric circuit, however it will work with all electrical circuits between 20 and 60 amps. Consult with a qualified, licensed electrician to determine if your electrical circuit is properly configured. 

Included FREE with purchase of a Go-Cable™: 

  • Adaptor "A"
  • Adaptor "C"
  • Adaptor "M"
  • Adaptor "J"
  • Carrying case
  • Padlock for securing your Go-Cable™ to your vehicle while charging


We also carry multiple other adaptor options that are compatible with Go-Cable™: 

  • Adaptor "A" for RV parks, new clothes dryers, stoves and ovens (NEMA 14-60, 14-50, 14-30, 14-20)
  • Adaptor "B" for welders and industrial (NEMA 6-50)
  • Adaptor "C" for older electric clothes dryers (NEMA 10-30) 
  • Adaptor "D" for RV parks with "30 amp" service" (TT-30)
  • Adaptor "E" for 30 amp light industrial (NEMA 6-30)
  • Adaptor "F" for 30 amp locking plug (NEMA L6-30)
  • Adaptor "G" for 30 amp Generators with Pure Sine Wave (NEMA L14-30)
  • Adaptor "H" for 20 amp Generators with Pure Sine Wave (NEMA L14-20)
  • Adaptor "J" for Air Conditioners 240 volt / 20 amp (NEMA 6-20)
  • Adaptor "K" for Air Conditioners 240 volt / 15 amp (NEMA 6-15)***
  • Adaptor "L" for commercial 120 volt / 20 amp (NEMA 5-20
  • Adaptor "M" for household 120 volt / 15 amp (NEMA 5-15)***

Go-Cable™ is compatible with all EVs equipped with:

  • J1772
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Type 1 in Europe

See a full compatibility list here


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