Why Choose JLong 40 Amp?

We started by designing the very best cable for the job, and we have those cables built in California, USA. Since we pioneered this product, there are now at least several others available using preassembled Chinese plugs and cables that were intended for EVSE charging stations only.

We recognize that there's always a market for the cheaper product, but unfortunately we won't use products that don't meet our high standards. Here are some of the differences between JLong™ and the competition:

  1. Our JLong™ is the only J1772 extension that gives you 100% of the protections of J1772 (proximity disconnect, ground fault, pilot signal, etc). I personally think it's absolutely critical not to substitute lower price and quality for safety standards.
  2. The Chinese cables used by competitors do not carry proximity detection at all. The reason that they can't do this is because the cables don't even have the required wires inside to perform this critical task. That means that every time you disconnect the J1772 charge station from the extension while the car is charging, there will be a "hot" disconnect which can damage equipment and cause a spark / arcing. Not my idea of a smart or safe design.
  3. Because we build our own cables, we make ongoing improvements. First, all the power wires are doubled. Instead of two, we have four parallel power wires in the cable. This allows us to build an ultra light weight and super flexible cable and very strong cable. Secondly, we include all the communication wires necessary for safety. There are actually 8 conductors in each of our cable assemblies. The Chinese cables use half. Chinese cables are HEAVY and clunky, and not very flexible. We don't even offer them anymore as a resale item at any price.
  4. At least one competitor was soldering wires to the power pins. We absolutely have NEVER done this, even from the first one built. All of our connections are crimped to aerospace / mil-spec standards using commercial air powered and calibrated tooling, dies and locators. We have never had a failure of these parts. As you might imagine, failure in this area can damage a car or burn a house down.
  5. The competition doesn't use a handle at all on the inlet end. NONE. There is a cheap plastic "dust cap" that can be compressed with your fingers. Our inlet handle is built from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy, cut to shape on an industrial water jet, and TIG welded. Then, we powder coat the handle with a slip resistant finish and laser etch our logo. You can DRIVE YOUR CAR OVER OUR HANDLE and it will not crush. Since these handles are designed to lay on the ground, this seemed like a smart design requirement to us.
  6. The competition uses Chinese cables. We offer JLong™ in either 40 amp or 80 amps capable, which means that every known J1772 vehicle in the world can safely use it. Tesla Model S/3/X can also use JLong™ with the Tesla adaptor, however "twin charger" equipped cars and Roadster will have to limit their charge rate to 40 amps when connected to charge stations with more than 40 amps capacity.
  7. Because we build our own cables, you can get JLong™ in any length you like, with 40 feet being our most popular. The Chinese cables only come in 25 feet or less.