12 Volt Battery Group 47/H5 Interstate AGM Mercedes B-Class Fiat 500e

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Price listed INCLUDES a $18 core charge. Return your old battery for a $18 refund.

This is the battery size and specification that we recommend for the 2014-2017 Mercedes B-Class or B250E or also 2013-2019 Fiat 500e.

The MTX delivers ideal life and power for starting and accessories. It’s designed to replace original-equipment AGMs and provide the additional power required for performance vehicles and those with a high number of accessories or plug-ins.

*High-performance AGM technology (AGM = Absorbent Glass Mat) meets even the greatest challenges

*30% more deep cycle and vibration resistance than conventional batteries

*100% maintenance free*

*Sealed and 100% leak-proof in any position; also for passenger compartment use

*Latest technology for start/stop applications

*Advanced, high-performance Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology, designed to deliver up to 2X the life of conventional flooded batteries

Cranking Amps 810
Cold Cranking Amps 650
Terminal Type
Height (in.)
Width (in.) 6.9
Length (in.) 9.6
Reserve Capacity (minutes)@ 25 Amp 100
Voltage 12
Group Size 47/H5
Part # MTX-47/H5
Weight (lbs) 39.2
Shipping Weight (lbs)
Wet or Dry Dry


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