Rebuild Kit - Tesla Large Drive Unit (LDU)

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This kit is to rebuild and modify the Tesla "Large Drive Unit" (LDU) used on the following vehicles:

2012-2021 Tesla Model S and X with either Rear Wheel Drive (all) or All Wheel Drive with "Performance" rear motor

2012-2014 Toyota RAV4 EV (all)

2014-2017 Mercedes B-Class ED / B250e (all)

Includes all motor bearings and seals, plus primary drive (gear box) bearings. Does NOT include other bearings for the gear box, which are not normally replaced (unless they make noise). Requires 1.5 quarts Dextron VI.

Parts list:

(2) Rotor bearings - hybrid ceramic / steel with high RPM grease (the best money can buy - these are the "real deal" - don't be suckered by low quality fakes)

(2) Primary drive (gearbox) bearings

(1) Rotor seal (triple lip / TPFE)

(2) Axle shaft output seals

(1) Rotor oil seal

INVERTER COVER OPTION REQUIRES A CORE - You must send us back your old cover, see pictures 2 & 3 for inverter cover options. 

(4) Drain fittings (requires drilling and tapping with 1/8" NPT)

(1) Drain hose, 1/4 inch nylon

(1) Bracket for Drain Kit   


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Corey Gonzales
Tesla LDU bearing kit

We ordered this kit due to having a very loud growl in a 14 model S LDU. After installing the kit the LDU was completely quite again. This is a well put together kit and we will definitely reuse this company's kit in the future. Only have 1 recommendation and that would be to include an instruction manual mostly for the drain kit. I was able to talk with someone and they walked me thought it and sent me pictures. Great customer service, they answered the phone even during them moving their shop location. I would give more then 5 starts if I could. Thank you