JLong™ J1772 Extension Cable - 40 Amp Maximum

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JLong™ is the ultimate and highest quality 40 amp compatible extension cable that maintains or exceeds all functionality, durability, and safety protocols of the J1772 / L1 / Level 1 / L2 / Level 2 charging systems used by virtually every other modern Electric Vehicle (EV) sold in North America, Japan, and Europe (called Type 1 in Europe).

JLong™ is hand built and tested in San Diego, CA by our technician staff, who are passionate about electric vehicles.

JLong™ gets you charged when the inevitable happens: you encounter a blocked EV charging station; you need a little more cable to reach the wall electical outlet, or a guest blocked your home, work or hotel charge station. Get the JLong™ and Just-Plug-N-Charge™ !

 If you are looking for a JLong with an optional Tesla Plug inlet here it is


Wondering if your car will work with JLong™?

See a full compatibility list here 

Still not convinced? Heres why we're sure JLong™ is the best extension cable option on the market.

But don't just take our word for it, here are some of the industry articles written about JLong™:

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Customer Reviews

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Tommy McCracken
High Quality Product, fast shipping

I was very impressed with the quality of the product. The rubber of the cable is the same type used for touring concert equipment. It is made to stand the rigorous road life. The J1172 receptacle, welded box and strain relief demonstrate an attention to detail and provide me with confidence in that my investment will last and keep my car safe. Keep up the good work, I'll be happy to recommend you to any of my EV colleagues.

California Customer
Quick Attentive Service

Pleased with rapid response to on-line order. JLong™ J1772 Extension Cable - 40 Amp Maximum 20 Feet appears to be a high quality product

David Nelson
Excellent quality product!

"After checking out several J1772 extension cords, reading reviews and specifications, I settled on the JLong. The plug is of excellent quality and seems to be better than the one that came on my Panasonic EVSE (modified version of what comes with the Nissa Leaf) or that came with my 2016 Kia Soul EV+. Because there aren't any standard corded J1772 inlets a special inlet holder was built. It is of superior quality with excellent welds and a quality finish. The cord is super flexible which makes it easy to roll up and store in the car. The JLong also comes with two velcro tie straps and a small pad lock. This is definitely a worthy investment."