J-Wall 80 Amp Restrictions and Compatible Cars


DO NOT USE this 80 amp rated product as a "Master" with a J-Wall-40 as the "Slave'

DO NOT USE with 277 volts

Designed for indoor or outdoor installation


The maximum charge amps for each car:

16 amps:
Nissan LEAF (2011-2012),
Chevy Volt,
Chevy Spark EV,
Toyota Prius Plug-In,
Ford C-Max Energy,
Ford Fusion Energy,
ZERO motorcycle (2015 and newer with J1772),
Brammo motorcycle,
Smart Electric Drive,
Ford C-Max Energi,
Karma Fisker,
Mitsubishi iMiev,
Cadillac ELR,
Porshe Cayenne S-E,
Porsche Panamera S-E,
Honda Accord Plug-In.

30 amps:
Nissan LEAF (2013 and newer w/28 amps, however LEAF-S remains at 16 amps),
VW eGolf,
Kia Soul EV,
BMW i3 and i8,
Ford Focus Electric,
Fiat 500e,
Honda Fit EV,
Fiat 500e.

32 amps:
Chevrolet Volt (2019 only),
Chevrolet Bolt EV (all),
Tesla Model 3 "mid range" and "standard range"

40 amps:
Tesla Model S (model years 2012-2015),
plus the following two Tesla powered cars:
Mercedes B-Class ED
2012-2014 Toyota RAV4 EV

48 amps:
Tesla Model S, (2016 and newer)
Tesla Model X
Tesla Model 3

70 amps:
Tesla Roadster (requires J1772 adaptor and latest firmware when using a charge station above 70 amps)

72 amps:
Tesla Model X and possibly Model S and Model 3 with optional 72 amp charger (2016 and newer)

80 amps:
Tesla Model S with optional "twin chargers" (2012 - 2015)