JDapter Stub™ 80 Amp Maximum

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 Never be stuck staring at a perfectly good Tesla charge station while your non-Tesla car is low on electrons!

JDapter™ Stub allows most Telsa charging stations to recharge any Electric Vehicle (EV) - see list of vehicles at the bottom

JDapter Stub™ will work with ALL plug-in Electric Vehicles that were originally sold in North America or Japan.

Only for cars sold in North America and Japan!

JDapter Stub does NOT work in Europe, Australia or New Zealand


Plug any modern Electric Vehicle (EV) originally sold in North American or Japan into any:

*Tesla UMC

*Tesla Mobile Connector

*Tesla HPWC

*Tesla Wall Connector

There are thousands of these throughout North America and Japan.



View JDapter usage conditions here 



See a full compatibility list here 

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