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Don’t let a leaking rotor seal in your Tesla motor cause expensive damage! All of the cars with the Tesla “Large Drive Unit” (formerly the “570A” motor) have the fatal flaw of leaking coolant (cars listed below).
This leaking coolant issue will short out the stator (field windings), seize and rust the rotor, and of course, complete destroy the electronics in the inverter.
So, after rebuilding HUNDREDS of these Tesla Large Drive Units (LDUs), we have developed the “fix all” for all the LDUs.
ALL OF THESE MOTORS NEED THIS MODIFICATION. Plus, this COOLANT DELETE modification is entirely reversible, should you decide to do so. 
Our  "COOLANT DELETE Tesla Large Drive Unit" will allow the Tesla LDU to operate with the following parameters:
1) Coolant delete to rotor- This is what Tesla is offering, which is the lowest level of “fix”. That rotor does indeed get hot enough in the center to discolor the metal, so I’m not sure that this would be my recommendation, but it does fix the horrific failure modes from a leaking rotor seal.
2) Rotor cooled with oil- Yes, while the rest of the components are cooled with the same G48 or other coolants, the rotor can be specifically cooled with Dextron VI or 212B gearbox oil. Using oil cooling method will require additional parts, at extra cost (oil pump from Tesla Model 3/Y, coolant tank, radiator, and hoses and fittings)
which will provide the following benefits:
   a. Actual cooling of the rotor!
   b. When the rotor seal leaks (and it will leak, eventually), Dextron VI or 212B is benign to the LDU. It won’t destroy the stator, it won’t seize and rust the rotor, and it won’t short out the inverter.
   c. No fatal failures!!! If all the Dextron VI or 212B leaked out, you would just have a “coolant delete” motor!
For the following vehicles:
A - 2012-2014 Tesla Model S (all)
B - 2015-2020 Tesla Model S and X, Performance versions only, rear drive motor only
C - 2014-2017 MERCEDES B-Class ED / B250e (all)
D - 2012-2014 Toyota RAV4 EV (all)

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Robert Rothlisberger
Horrible customer service

Yes that’s right this email asking me for a review of an order they fulfilled 13 days ago is the first one I have received from QC in more than 5 emails I have sent over 2 months. And guess what no part was delivered. I did send multiple emails asking them to cancel my order as it had been many weeks with no reply of any kind. So they did receive my emails just never replied. Revolt has better part with more research and options for $100 less. Also stellar customer service.

Trond Arvid Røsvik
Been waiting for refund for 6 weeks now

I have been waiting for refund since 6 weeks. Even contacted Tony Williams , the owner of QcCharge on Facebook but there is only excuses and no result.

I want my money back!!!!

Coolant Delete Successfully Installed!

Had my coolant delete installed today. Installer had never done it before, had no issues. Cruising down the interstate at 75 mph my rotor is actually cooler than it was with coolant. Manifold was delivered within a week of ordering. Thank you team QC for saving us Tesla owners the expense of replacing our large drive units!

Scott Waddle
Very Nice Quality

We have now installed several of these LDU coolant delete manifolds for our clients and we have been very impressed with the product and quality. Finally a permanent coolant seal leak solution for the Tesla large drive unit failures.

Cooling Delete with no instructions/video

Got my cooling Delete unit, reading another review here and they said it comes with installation instructions and a video. Got neither. Emailed Tony and have heard nothing back after waiting a week.
Really want to get this cooling unit delete (actually a by-pass) installed on my 2014 P85D Model S. Have 73K miles and I feel like I'm driving on borrowed time.